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Editors Favorites:  How Coupon Database Network Gives Back

Welcome to the Editors Favorites section of Coupon Database Network!  Here is where I help other Small Businesses get the traffic and recognition that they need to they can be successful and thrive.  Here you will find a list of small business that I personally recommend because I have had good experiences with their products and services.  All of these listings are here free for life.  I figure the best way to give back is to share my traffic with other small businesses so that they can get a good start, too. 

Examples of Small Businesses that I accept include but are not limited to Etsy Shops, Real Estate Agents, Book Proofreading Services,  HVAC companies, Plumbers and more.  If you would like for me to list your small business in Editors Favorites, please read further for details.  Please read the Prohibited Items section before proceeding.  It opens in a new tab.

Editors Favorites:  Submission Guide

  • All listings in Editors Favorites are FREE For Life.
  • Did You Read The Prohibited Items Section FIRST?
  • The Rules are pretty simple:
  1. Your business MUST be a Small Business!  
  2. Yes, You can be a Small Business with a Global Reach!
  3. Your Business MUST have a Website!
  4. Contact Me with your Small Business Details
  5. You MUST use the form at the bottom of this page in order  to contact me!
  6. I will pick out a few items from your Business to Review
  7. If I like your products, I will notify you 
  8. I will then add your Business to Editors Favorites.

So with that being said, without any further ado, I hereby introduce to you our Editor's Favorites!  Please, by all means, Enjoy and Share!

Editors Favorites:  List Of Businesses

Editor's Favorites Business Submission

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